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Migraines and other headaches can strike at any time for individuals who suffer. This large inconvenience can have a negative impact on your career, family life, overall health and your happiness. In fact, Some estimates suggest that 25% of the population has a headache right now!  Because headaches are so common, most people think it is a normal part of life. Headaches, however, are a sign that something is wrong.

We Know What Your Problem Is!

We know that stress, toxic fumes, certain foods and preservatives and even alcohol can cause headaches.

But frequent and overlooked cause of headaches is the malfunction of spinal bones in the neck and upper back.

In short, your spine is misaligned! The primary cause of headaches is tension within the neck, which means that part of your spine is out of place, causing an imbalance that’s throwing off your Central Nervous System.

How to Alleviate Headaches with Chiropractic Care

Get adjusted! Slight manipulations can put your spine back into alignment and will help your headache woes. Consistent support leads to success.

Chiropractic adjustments work by moving the bones and releasing the pressure from the irritated muslces and nerves, therefore relieving the headache.

This is why many people have found relief from headaches through regular chiropractic care.

Many patients report immediate relief while others find that the correction of their problem takes longer. This is generally because their problem has existed undetected for many years. Every patient responds a bit differently. Regardless of how quick it happens, chiropractic care is a drug-free way to achieve results. If you are suffering from headaches or know someone who is please contact our office and schedule an appointment to see how chiropractic care can help!